Students Queries

1. Who can apply for this Workshop?
> This workshop is open for all students.

2. How can I apply for this workshop?

> You can enroll your name to the college authorized person OR fill the registration form.

3. Sir my interest is in Research & Innovation. But I don’t know how to do it?

> Don’t worry… we will teach you, guide you, help you in all ways in your research and innovation journey, to make you successful Inventor.

4. I have Innovative Idea. but I don’t have money and knowledge to implement it?

> If you have Innovative Product or Business Idea and you are passionate, dedicated to convert that Idea into reality then we will help you in all ways.

5. To whom I can Contact for my Innovative Idea?

> We are always happy to help you. You can mail us at contact@innovationtreasure.com

6. At which stage Innovation Treasure help the students?

> We help the students at every stage of Innovation or Business like Ideation, Product development, licensing, business development, etc.

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