Company Profile

INNOVATION TREASURE is a Research & Innovation Company. Our focus is to increase Innovation & Patents in India. We want to see India among the top innovative countries in the world. Yes…It can be possible, India can be among the top innovative countries in the world. We believe that our countries youth mind is creative & innovative, and they have a potential to convert their idea into reality. The only thing they don’t know is how to do it. How to do Innovation?, How to patent their Inventions?. They need guidance, hand holding & Financial support of converting their idea into reality.

We are here to help them in all ways. We want to help, to guide the students for Innovation & Patent. Our focus is on solving countries problems through Innovative technologies & businesses.

Innovation Treasure dedicated to increase innovations in India. We believe that the best ideas for solving some of the world’s most critical problems can come from anyone and anywhere.

Experience our Innovation workshop…

We are offering Patent & Innovation workshop that are conducted by industry professionals.

Through this workshop you will learn lot of new things. We empower you with practical knowledge through our workshop. With us, you get the intensive experience that will expose you to new challenges and innovative ideas to perform better in your career.



Our way of training is quite simple. Step by step guidance of Innovation & Patent. So that all the students can easily understand and gain confidence in building innovation.

With the establishment of our company, we have thought about how to assist the youth of our country so that they can help in our country's growth. Working on these concepts we have started this workshop in India. Our team commit to deliver High quality, Reliable and effective workshop to encourage patents & innovation in India.

The vision behind these workshops..

  • To spread awareness among the students and make them knowledgeable about patent & Innovations.
  • To inspire innovative thinking.
  • To increase the spirit of innovation.
  • To strengthen the Indian innovation ecosystems.
  • To turn ideas into inventions.
  • To increase innovation in the country.
  • To increase Entrepreneurs in India.

Benefits of Our Training Workshop

  • The Knowledge and Certificate you will get through this workshop will help you to get job in Top Private & Government companies in their Research & Development (R&D) Department.
  • It can help you to invent new technology, which is required for industry.
  • You can have your own patent, which will add value in your resume as well as you can make good money through your patent commercialization..
  • It can help you to build your own startup.
  • Through your Innovation, you can create the jobs for many people.
  • Your Innovation will help to increase employment in the country.
  • Your Innovation can solve the world’s critical problems.
  • Your Innovation can help to make others life easy.

We believe that our youth having talent to create, to innovate something new, which can help our country to solve some problems through innovative technologies.

We provide Expert Consultation & Lifetime Support even after Training Workshop to transform your Innovative Idea into reality.

This is our small effort to bring some positive change in India to help everyone in their research & innovation journey.

What you will learn through this workshop

Students will learn


How to find the Innovative idea?

How to do Research?

How to Invent new technology?

How to transform your innovative Idea into successful company?

What is Invention?

What is Innovation?

How to do Invention?

How to do Innovation?

What is Intellectual Property and its types?

What is Patent?

What are the benefits of Patent?

How can you patent your Idea?

How can you Patent your Product?

How to commercialize the patent? Or How to make money through your Patent?

What is Trademark?

What is Trade Secret?

What is copyright & How to do it?


Along with this, students will get opportunities..


To interact with professionals.

Valuable information about the profession.

Depth information of working environment.

Guidance from the professionals of the same field.

Internship Opportunity From INNOVATION TREASURE

Future Scope and many more…

Why Innovation?

Innovation is not about creating value for an individual but also creating a smart future for others, which can provide new possibilities to the society. Some of the incredible inventions and innovations shape the future.

We believe that Invention is a new & unique solution to a problem.

Innovation helps to transform the lives in the developing countries through the translation of inventions to products and businesses that address the needs and livelihoods of the poor.

Innovation impacts on job creation and countries economy. It impacts on the lives of many people. We can also solve day to day life problems, HealthCare problems, educational problem, unemployment problem through the Innovative solutions.

Team Of Professionals

We have a Professional & Knowledgeable team who has worked extensively for Research & Development, Intellectual Property and Innovation driven organizations. Our team is dedicated & passionate about their work and having a sound knowledge of Patent & Innovation.

Our team is supportive and always work collaboratively with everyone.


Global Coverage

A very well said that “Behind Every Great Innovator Is a Great Innovation Network”

With our strong network of Technologist, Patent Professional & Business Developers all over the world. Conversion of innovative Idea into a product, International Patent filling, Patent commercialization, Building New Startup can be done easily.

Our Support

INNOVATION TREASURE support leading thinkers who believe and ready to solve practical development problems through innovation. We help the innovator in all ways and provide all the resources they need to implement their innovative Idea.

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